Your event

- it's ORIGINAL: there are only a few artists in the world performing this art, and therefore it is rare to witness this show live. Thus you will be sure to present a stunning experience, memorable and guaranteed success.

- it's INTERNATIONAL: the show is not spoken, so there are no language barriers, everything happens at the sound of beautiful music synchronized with the images.

- it's VERSATILE: a great show usually involves great technical efforts; on the contrary, the sand art show requires minimal equipment but has a huge yeld. You'll be able to entertain a small audience, of both children and adults alike, in a restricted environment like a restaurant or a meeting room, as well as a wide audience in an arena of 10,000 people!

The most exciting way to cast your message: amaze everyone by presenting a unique and original show!  At the end of it, the artist will create the logo or image of your company, leaving everyone speechless and impressing in their minds the indelible memory of your message and your image. A surprising communication vehicle! It is possible to customize the entire show with the images of your company or your products.

In your most beautiful day, give away to friends and relatives an extra emotion to round off a perfect day: the most incredible performance to which all of them have ever witnessed. At the end, the artist will write the name of the couple on the sand, to impress upon the memory of all this magical event, forever!

Whatever the special occasion, the Sand Art Show will highlight in an elegant and memorable way the event for all who attend, giving a touch of class to it.

When you think that everything has already been done, the Sand Art and shadows shows of Paolo Carta will amaze anyone who will attend. Whether for a single evening in a theater or for a long season in theme parks or on cruise ships, Paolo Carta's shows will never fail to meet the highest expectations of any spectator, as already experienced for years all over the world!