Sand + shadows shows

NEW! A one-of-a-kind show in the world! The fusion of the backgrounds created by sand with shadows molded by the bodies of skilled dancers, generates an exciting experience as you have never seen before !
Conceived and created by Paolo Carta in 2012, and performed by Paolo Carta since 2013.

The heart-warming story of all of us: the cycle of life told through this new exciting language. A creature is born, grows, falls in love and in turn generates a new LIFE. Duration: 15 min.

A man rediscovers the magic of Christmas through his childhood memories and the warmth of his family. The most movine story of the holidays.
Duration: 15 min.

The most beautiful songs ever will take you through an exciting journey into the lives of the artists who have changed the history of music and world. A show by the overwelming pace! Duration: 20 min.

- 1915-1918:
A hundred years after the World War One, are retraced the events that have shaped the history, through the images of this show that will remain engraved in the memory of everyone, not to forget what has been. Duration: 15 min.