Paolo Carta is considered one of the most eclectic and talented artists.
He studied music since childhood music, dance, art, drama, magic and art in several forms: thanks to all this he's the performer, producer and director of his shows which personally oversees every aspect, from music to scenery, from staging to direction.

Frequently he's consulting for theme parks, big names in show business, magicians, Television Productions, as well as international musicals and movies.

He received several international awards for his shows and since 2011 he's the Shows and Entertainment Manager in Gardaland, one of the biggest theme parks.

Thanks to this, he was awarded the honor of Knight for artistic merit.

That's why, over the years, the big names and major international corporates ask Paolo Carta to give a magic touch to their events.

About Paolo Carta

"Paolo Carta is a poet from the hands to read, able to draw on the clouds, talking to the astonished eyes of children and touch the cynical heart of the adults. The artistic creation of Paolo Carta is never limited to the surprise and the ephemeral. His whole world imagined and created with wisdom from his bare hands evokes through shadows in constant metamorphosis and giant sand paintings of the deepest problems of our present. The fantasy and the wonder act as guides to reflection sometimes touching, sometimes poetic, sometimes raw and deep. His work excites us through various levels of language and all, from the most innocent to the most wise, we remain open-mouthed asking for more."

Arturo Brachetti (actor, change artist and theatrical director)

"When I see a show of Paolo Carta the thing that leaves me amazed is to discover something extremely valuable that I did not know before, despite my extensive knowledge of the show business. And this beyond the impeccable workmanship and strong poetic vein that featured in his work. Other professionals who are causing me the same effect in the world are only David Copperfield, Arturo Brachetti and some Broadway director."

Federico Bellone (theatrical director and producer)